Kobe Steel Ltd. (KSL) has the biggest regional market share in the field of polymer processing equipment and is the maker of the largest capacity single mixer in the world.
KSL provides solutions for the industry in terms of better intensive mixing, lower specific energy input, excellent pellet shape and higher equipment reliability.
Using KSL’s vast metallurgical expertise, steel alloys are especially cast at the main KSL plants in Takasago (Japan) to make the world’s best polymer processing machines.
KSL has a wide array of equipment ranging from (scaled down) laboratory sized LCM’s (Long Continuous Mixer)® to the largest 550 mm cylinder bore twin-screw LCM used for processing polyethylene and polypropylene.
LCM-EX® was specially developed for processing higher melt index polypropylene and is a recent addition to the list of superior equipment. KSL supplements its equipment with state of the art pelletizers achieving excellent pellet shape.
KSL equipment has been quality accredited by major polymer manufacturing licensors. KSL has more than 35 running systems in the geographical area serviced by ZenTech.
For more details visit : http://www.kobelco.co.jp/english/products/resin/index.html