Engineered Piping Products Ltd. (EPP) has over twenty years experience in engineering and technical sales.

EPP supply a wide range of products for the following industries: Power & Process, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water & Wastewater and Shipping Applications and OEM’s.

Through working in close consultation with our clients, EPP broad-based and wide-ranging experience enables EPP to provide an efficient service. Client requirements are met through dynamic design solutions and cost-effective engineering product supply.

EPP offers comprehensive all-round packages, covering engineering, design, and stress analysis. EPP also supply an extensive range of high quality products including Metal, Fabric and Rubber Expansion Joints, Metal, and Rubber Hoses, Penstocks, Valves and Fittings.

In addition to the above EPP also offers piping supports & onsite inspection and installation services.

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