Zentech partners with MBE Coal & Minerals

About MBE Coal & Minerals Technology (MBE-CMT)

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With over 150 years of experience, MBE-CMT is a leading manufacturer of coal and minerals processing equipment, based in Cologne, Germany. 

The company has delivered more than 2.000 machines to clients in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, including Canada, some of them under the name “KHD Humboldt Wedag”.

Through continuous research and development we strive for product excellence and market lead. We build high quality machines and closely follow the strictest German engineering standards. Our engineers and experts have accumulated experience which they continuously pass on to the younger generation (alt: which passes from generation to generation).

The different tabs in our website will give you an overview about our products, services and key contacts; Great people with great experience who are keen to stand by your side and provide support.

We offer project and detail planning as well as components for complete plants and systems that can be integrated into existing plants in the form of add-ons, upgrades or modifications. Additionally, we offer automation and monitoring kits and processing equipment.

All of this is complemented by our engineering services: Feasibility studies, sample analyses at our R&D center, installation and commissioning as well as dedicated customer service.

MBE Coal & Minerals Technology currently delivers equipment and engineering support in all continents through offices in Brazil, South Africa, India, Indonesia, China and Russia and is represented in a range of other countries, from Chile and Perú to Turkey, Mongolia and Australia. Our current portfolio includes:

JONES WHIMS, PNEUFLOT PNEUMATIC FLOTATION, BATAC JIG, PERMOS MIMS, PALLA MILL, CALIBRATOR CONE CRUSHER and other equipment such as vibrating screens, engineering and construction of complete plant sections.